Deck Restore – The Smarter Deck Restoration Option

Synta Deck Restore is an innovative product designed to reduce the cost and labor involved in resurfacing an aging or lightly damaged wood deck. This one-step water-soluble coating will fill cracks, recondition the underlying wood and protect against weather and future decay. The texture of Deck Restore also increases traction on the deck and is great for climates with frequent rain or other potential slip hazards.

Applying Deck Restore could not be easier. Just a few simple steps is all that is required to enjoy the benefits of the product. If you have the right tools and decking materials, you don’t need to hire professionals and go do it yourself! You might even have fun doing the whole restoration.

Simple Steps In Applying Deck Restore

  1. Clean the surface you intend to use Deck Restore on with mild soap and water to remove any chipped or flaking paint, mold, algae or embedded dirt.
  2. Apply Deck Restore to the included roller then apply it in smooth and even strokes. Average coat thickness should be roughly five-times that of standard paint. A full roller should coat between five and seven square-feet.
  3. Allow the initial coat to dry and set for three to six hours. If additional time lapses, this should not affect the outcome.
  4. Apply a second coating and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before replacing furniture and resuming traffic on the surface. Deck Restore paint will be fully cured after approximately 30 days.

Filling cracks and restoring the look of an old or aging deck is really that simple. When properly applied, one 2-gallon kit of Deck Restore is enough to provide two coats on 100 square-feet of deck surface. The end result should be a durable, weather-resistant coating that fills small cracks and imperfections in the decks surface for years to come.

Tips In Using Deck Restore

Numerous deck construction and Deck Restore reviews are available on the Internet to support these claims. The only major concern listed in many reviews is the thickness of the Deck Restore paint. The product is extremely thick and contains a rough-textured filler to provide additional traction. It is recommended to empty your can of Deck Restore entirely into a paint tray before you begin work to ensure it is well mixed and the grip enhancer is evenly distributed. Make a few practice runs with a roller on a spare board to ensure you are applying a thin even coat. This can result in substantial savings over the span of the product as thicker coats lead to using more Deck Restore.

With over 40 Deck Restore colors to choose from and full-compatibility with in-store tinting services, you can create the look and feel that you want on your old deck at a fraction of the cost of full material replacement. With its easy application and quick dry times, you can save a substantial amount of time as well. What was once an extensive project that could take thousands of dollars is now possible in a weekend for a few hundred dollars. Go with a simpler yet equally excellent solution, go with Deck Restore!